Financial Modelling

LCWW have developed spreadsheet based financial models for clients across a range of sectors and sizes for over 25 years. Examples include the Street Lighting PFI model developed for Amey plc for their Street Lighting bids in the mid to late 1990s. For the time this was a large and complex model which created monthly cashflows for the life of the project (25 or 32 years) solved for equity return rates and debt rates (which were fixed at completion and provided 95% + of the funding needed) and sensitised for variables to give a risk weighting to the project.

Most of the models produced have been for smaller private companies to assist decision making on projects, capital expenditure, bidding for new work and so on. A key unifying factor has been the ability to take complex real world problems and translate them into a useable set of forecast results, enabling informed decisions to be taken by the businessmen and entrepreneurs concerned.

With a Computing Science degree and Chartered Accountancy training and qualification at Price Waterhouse, Chris has the exact skill set needed for this work and he, and latterly LCWW, have an impressive portfolio of successful clients in their wake.